All Together Now – Thing #3: My Favorite Podcasts

Today’s assignment is all about podcasts.

I’ve been downloading from iTunes (podcasts, music, audiobooks, etc.) long before I ever purchased an iPod. I’ll have to take some time and explore the podcatchers linked in “Thing #3” in that infamous “free-time” we’re all supposed to have! Of course, I already subscribe to so many podcasts that I don’t have time to listen to/watch them all.

Most of the podcasts I find are found accidentally or were recommended to me by someone who knows my quirky tastes. I’ll be searching iTunes for a person (say an author to see if there are any interviews he/she’s given) or a topic (say technology) and come across other shows that I’ll subscribe to on a lark. If they’re good, I’ll keep them, if not, I unsubscribe. There are a bunch in there now waiting for me to give them a listen.

I’ve written a post before on my favorite podcasts, but here are a couple that I’ve discovered recently and/or didn’t include the first time around.

Nancy J. Keane’s Booktalks Quick and Simple – great short book commercials to pique students’ interest.

Old Time Radio – If you’re interested in listening to old time radio thrillers, comedy, suspense, mysteries, drama, adventure, science fiction, etc. search in iTunes for Old Time Radio and you can find a bunch of old radio broadcasts. When I was younger, I used to listen to them from an AM radio station on my boom box. My favorites were Burns and Allen, Abbott & Costello, and The Shadow! No, I’m not old enough to have listened to them when they originally aired, but that didn’t stop me from finding them fascinating as a teenager. The commercials were (are) sometimes even more interesting than the radio shows!

And of course, don’t forget to check out iTunes U to find educational podcasts from prominent colleges and universities. The University of Southern Florida’s Lit2Go: Audio Files for K-12 is a wonderful resource for free audiobooks. Great for struggling readers – they can listen to the audio and read along with the text. They even have a selection of audio in Spanish.