Life is One Big Top Ten (2008)

Okay, Cathy Nelson is passing along the “Life is One Big Top Ten (2008)” meme and I thought it might be fun to participate. Here is the original guidelines:

Paul C at Quoteflections respectfully begins a meme on the topic: Life is One Big Top Ten (2008). It’s an outgrowth of Time’s ultimate Top Ten Everything of 2008. I appeal to anyone else so inclined to write their own Top Ten list for 2008 on a topic of their choice. You are invited to link to my site, use the title Life is One Big Top Ten (2008) to help with a web search, and tag several people to carry the meme forward. This topic has the potential to be interesting and fun as we close out the year.

Cathy’s list is her favorite Christmas songs; however, the meme leaves you free to choose your own top ten “things.”  I think I’ll keep with the ‘holiday’ theme and share my top 10 holiday movies.  Now this list isn’t strictly Christmas, but the movies I like to watch each year in honor of the season/holiday.  It was hard to narrow them down – I had 15, but had to cut some :-(  and I could have kept going.  Anyway, here they are – in no particular order:

Hocus Pocus – Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy play off of each other so well.  Add Bette Midler singing means this one is definitely a treat.

Arsenic and Old Lace – Cary Grant.  ‘Nough said.  Well, that and he is such a comic genius – and can also be such a suave leading man, too.  Plus the two crazy aunts crack me up!

Harvey –  What can I say?  I love this story about an invisible 6’4″ white rabbit and Jimmy Stewart was brilliant in this one.  And the scene where Mr. Wilson looks up the definition of a Pooka in the dictionary is priceless!

White Christmas – I don’t care how many times I watch this one, but I still cry when the General sees all of his former men there showing him support.

While You Were Sleeping – Romantic comedy with Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman.  I repeat, Bill Pullman – he is an underrated leading man.  Yep, appeals to the romantic in me – and it helps that this one is so funny.  I especially like the scenes between Lucy and her boss – which gives me my favorite quote: “Pull the plug!” and the whole “wedding” scene is hilarious.

The Ref – This was the first time I took note of Kevin Spacey.  The scene with him beating on the Christmas tree saying “Excuse me…. If you don’t mind, the “corpse” *STILL* has the floor!” and them all telling off the mother-in-law! I loved it!

Bell, Book and Candle – Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak with Jack Lemmon and Elsa Lanchester to boot!

Batchelor Mother / Bundle of Joy – Yeah, technically, these are two separate movies, but since they are really the same movie – one is just a ‘musical’ remake – I’m counting them as one.  I love both Ginger Rodgers and Debbie Reynolds.

Miracle on 34th Street – One word: “Overruled!”  Every time my step-father sees us watching this one, he says that.  It’s his favorite part of the movie.  Mine is when Santa sings Dutch to the little orphan girl.  Yeah, I’m an ole softie, I just pretend to be hard-hearted.  It’s a Christmas tradition for Mom and I to watch this one on Thanksgiving Day.  Of course it has to be the real version, the one with Maureen O’Hara and Edmund Gwenn – all the other versions are horrible.

We’re No Angels – NO, not the one with Robert DeNero and Sean Penn, but the one with Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray, and Peter Ustinov.  I love this movie from start to finish, but I especially love the “trial” scene.  I haven’t watched this one yet recently, I think I’ll stop writing now and go pop it in the DVD player!

As you’ve no doubt guesses, I like comedies.  I’m partial to old(er) movies, too!  I love the original black and whites, none of this colorized versions if I can help it!

I know, I bet you thought It’s A Wonderful Life and/or A Christmas Story would be there didn’t you?  I cannot stand them.  Want to know why – because of the constant MARATHONS that go on each Christmas.  They were great to watch ONCE, but not the constant bombardment we get each year.  Some of the others that were cut from my list include: Home Alone, Home Alone: Lost in NY, Holiday Inn, Bishop’s Wife (another Cary Grant movie!), and Monster Squad.

Okay, now it’s your turn!  What is your top ten list for 2008?