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DSC_0136Summer break is almost over (I’ve only got one full week of vacation left!) and I’m in pre-planning mode for the upcoming school year.   I thought I’d share some of my ideas and challenges in preparing for when teachers return on August 10th.

Two weeks ago our school’s leadership team met to plan for next year.  I’ve been tasked with technology staff development.  I’m really excited about this development and have LOTS of ideas brewing.

I’ll also be meeting with the Freshman Academy lead teacher, and others, about some new technology our school will be receiving (can’t be more specific just yet, but stay tuned) and how to incorporate this new tech into their curriculum.  This means I’ll be doing a LOT of research for resources and begging for help from my PLN!

In addition to the new technology, I’d already made plans to work with the FA English teachers on incorporating Information Literacy/21st Century Learner Standards as well as the new SC Internet Safety Standards into their specific curriculum.  I am hoping to develop some team teaching incorporated INTO their curriculum and not just as add ons to the standard research paper or through hit and miss projects with other classes.   We’ve discussed using the TRAILS assessment to determine current knowledge and what areas to build upon this year.

The FA Lead Teacher has also requested my assistance with titles for their new reading initiative.  Each core subject will be requiring their students to read one novel per quarter.  These assignments are in support of our school’s literacy initiative for High School’s That Work – students are supposed to read across the curriculum and at least 25 novels during the school year.

Needless to say, 2010-11 is looks like it will  be another busy year!

In the meantime, I’m currently taking a photography basics class.  The above image is one of mine!  I’m doing pretty well with close ups like plants and objects, but not so much with more distance photos.  It’s a hit or miss.  This stuff is harder than I though (using manual mode and not automatic on the DSLR).  I’m going to post some of my more successful photos to my flickr page.

Anyhoo! Hope you guys enjoy what’s left of your summer vacation!  I know I’m sure gonna!

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