Book Review: Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay

“O happy dagger! … This is thy sheath; … there rust, and let me die.”  Romeo & Juliet, Act V, Scene III

So you think you know what happened to Romeo & Juliet – that they both commit suicide for true love. ……… WRONG!

In Stacey Jay’s novel Juliet Immortal, Romeo murders Juliet to seal a pact with The Mercenaries of the Apocalypse in return for immortality.  Juliet is saved in the nick of time by an Ambassador of Light and in return she must battle Romeo time and time again to save the rare souls meant for true love.

For seven hundred years Romeo walks the earth borrowing the bodies of the dead and coercing a soul mate to murder his/her true love.  Juliet waits in the mists to be sent to earth, temporarily borrowing the body of someone close to the potential lovers.  Her task, to ensure the soul mates have a chance to admit their love, putting them out of the Mercenaries clutches forever.

When Juliet is pulled again from the mists, she awakens in the body of Ariel Dragland, seconds after Ariel causes her date’s car to careen over an embankment.  She had just learned Dylan had made a bet he’d “make it” with the “freak” and in her pain and anger she reacts rashly.   Ariel had been scarred by grease as a toddler and even after numerous surgeries, still bears scars on her face and body.  While Arial survived the crash, Dylan did not – and you guessed it, Romeo jumps into Dylan’s soulless body.  Now the race is on to discover who are the soul mates this time around, and who can get to them first!

A tale of good and evil, true love, hope and heartbreak, and maybe redemption.   Not many books today grab my attention and don’t let go.   Juliet Immortal was one I couldn’t put down – way into the morning hours!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Category:  Paranormal Fiction

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  1. This sounded like a really good book when you told us about it in Book Club. I hope I get the chance to read it when I get some extra time!

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