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As you may know, the WSHS library has been sponsoring a blog for a over a year now.  Well, I was asked by our teacher cadet teacher to help her students create blogs to use for their reflections as part of their grades.  Since I am most familiar with Edublogs and because Edublogs isn’t blocked by our district, I’ve been working with the students off and on for the last two months to get their blogs up and running.

We started with a lesson on what is blogging and how to be safe online.  I used the worksheets and tools provided by Edublogs.  I also showed them the Common Craft video Protecting Reputations Online in Plain English.   Another lesson included the students writing their own blogging guidelines after reviewing guidelines from other schools they found online. While most of the students are 18, we still had them return a signed Blog Permission Form

Lastly, I helped them set up their blogs.  They had to come up with a unique blog title and usernames then we began building their blogs.  Yesterday I helped them add their fellow classmates blogs to their blogroll and made some suggestions on design.  They are still rough, but here are the student’s blogs:

Confessions of a Teacher Cadet

That’s SO-Nora

It Always Helps to Know

Keys of Wisdom From Teacher Cadet

Jhane’s WSHS Teacher Cadet Bloggings

Strive to Be the Best

As you can see, some are really into the process, and some are struggling a bit.  Mostly with what to write.  But this is true of everyone who tries something new – some take to it easily while others are more hesitant.  At least none are resistant to the task!

So, if it so moves you, please drop them a comment now and again!

2 thoughts on “Teacher Cadet Blogging

  1. I just finished reading them and left a comment on each. Don’t hesitate to remind me again if you need more. I was a Teacher Cadet and loved it. I’m still fishing for a teacher willing to work with me on blogging. Hopefully soon.

  2. What a great learning experience this is for your teacher cadets! Reflection is vital to growth. Like Tamara, I read through each individual’s blog and left comments. All bloggers know the value of a self-affirming comment!

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