SC Midlands Summit day 2

For those who couldn’t make it to the summit, here is a Google doc for links.

The second day started with a keynote from Dr. Helen Barrett on ePortfolios.  Here website is

Next I attended Wednesday’s keynote speaker, Jamie Casup’s session titled “Chromebook Classrooms.”  While I didn’t take many notes, I was once again very impressed with his presentation.  A lot was similar to the keynote, but focused on why the Chromebook and not just here is what it can do.  I am intrigued and inclined to recommend our school investigate these as our next cart purchase.  I think they will fit in much better with the direction we are planning to take (if we also go to Google Apps for Ed) than traditional laptop/netbook or even iPad carts.

The last session I attended, as I didn’t stick around for the demo slam or lunch, was titled “Visual Storytelling” and given by Ken Shelton.  This wasn’t the session I had originally planned to attend, but my friend Chris Craft introduced me to Mr. Shelton as a fellow photographer and Mr. Shelton “sold” his session to me!  I decided to make sure I caught it on the second day.  As a budding photographer, I’m looking for ways to incorporate my photography with the classroom.  Now this session I did take notes.  Here is my “outline” on his session on Photo 5 – tell a story with five images and NO text.  Can be:

  • Journalistic (ex: use one image and crop into five separate images focusing on different elements that tells the whole story)
  • Sequential – five images that shown in sequence tell a story (example shown was from a bike race)
  • Photographic Poetry – think about an image abstractly (not literally) and tell the story of what you “see.”
  • Narrative – images tell a story with a beginning, middle, & end
  • Template for a Photo 5 is to establish:
    • Setting/Location
    • Situation “What might happen?”
    • Character(s) involvement
    • Probable Outcome(s)
    • Logical or Surprise ending
He also shared the concept of using an image and create Six Word Stories – inspired by the legend that Hemingway once won a bet that challenged him to tell a complete story in only six words.  His story:  “Baby shoes. For Sale. Never worn.”  There is a group on Flickr that has a bunch of examples.  Here is one of mine – yeah, not the best, but okay for quick publishing here!  Photo credit: me!

Head itches. Bend, flick - ahhh, relief!

Another note I have is he encourages teachers to take photos, not just to use for classroom projects and kids, but to use in your own professional presentations (so you don’t have to borrow all the time from others!)  Remember, Google Images aren’t all copyright free.  Using your own keeps you from running into trouble later!  And of course there are places like Creative Commons and StreamlineSC where you know what you can/can’t use in your works.   He ran out of time and I really wish I’d gotten to learn some more from him.  I loved his session and highly recommend you attend if you get the chance.