Its Official – Another School Year is about to Begin!

As I write this I have just (well a couple three or four hours ago) finished updating our school’s faculty AND student handbooks and they’ve been sent off for printing.  Yep, almost last minutes as always!  Hopefully, not too many errors will be found.  Time always seems to sneak up on me and summer seems to slip by so quickly.

With new beginnings logically something has to end, and for me it just wasn’t summer.  June 30th marked the end of my term as President of the SC Association of School Librarians.  I do have to say the organization has the best going away “gift” of sending outgoing Presidents to ALA Annual – this year in Chicago.  I was there with current President, Anne Lemieux, President-Elect, Diana Carr, and Past President, Kathy Sutusky.  We had a blast exploring Chicago and attending ALA events and AASL Affiliate Assembly.   My photos can be found on my Flickr account.

Since School has let out I have attended SCASL Summer Institute, ALA Annual, Upstate Technology Conference, SCASL’s Board Retreat, and one day of my district’s iPad 1:1 initiative’s 3 day training.  In between all that I had a “regular” doctors appointment for follow-up blood work (all normal!) and a neurologists appointment for my migraines (of which I’ve had 7 days of migraines and 6 days of ‘regular’ headaches this summer).  Only one very mild migraine episode since going on new medication, but vertigo symptoms as a side effect so not sure its been a good trade off!  hopefully it will taper off.  This to say that I’ve been very slack and not read a single young adult book or school related/professional journal, book, or magazine all summer.  Oh, but I been reading plenty of “me” books (in other words complete waste of time, entertainment, or as my uncle says “smut books”) and have been looking through my three travel guides to London and Edinburgh for my upcoming trip in September (Yippee!!)

More immediate excitement for both me and my students stems from the library (and most of the school) getting brand new carpeting/flooring – it looks really nice – well as nice as institutional carpeting can look! I’m told I’ll we’ll be getting paint touch ups, on the door trimmings, too!  I wish I’d taken some before and after photos.  Darn it!   The custodial staff is gonna help me move furniture back where it belongs next week.   The carpet guys did a pretty good job putting most of it where it was, but not quite where it should be – or where I want.   It will probably take me weeks to get everything else put back in place – or find new homes for things.

The computer guy(s) are working diligently to get the desktops and laptops back up and running – as not only did the computers get moved out, they were migrated from the Novell to Windows!  I don’t envy the tech guys their jobs!  We have WAY lots of computers and laptops for them to deal with and it seems every time I turn around they have to come back and tweak each and every one of them all over again!

Gonna be lots of changes for both faculty and staff to adapt to when they get back in a couple weeks!  Yep, I said it.  Only two weeks from today teachers come back!

2 thoughts on “Its Official – Another School Year is about to Begin!

  1. I return TOMORROW Aug1. :(

    I read some this summer, but didnt travel near as much as your or even what I wanted to do. I hope you have a BLAST on your September trip-super envious.

    Congrats on the new carpet at school and errrrr….the migration. Tons of fun there.

  2. I knew your contract was even longer than mine, sorry your summer is over, too!

    I work tomorrow, two days next week (still haven’t chosen which ones I want to pick) and then I’m back full-time beginning the 12th with teachers back on the 13th and kids on the 19th.

    Chicago was my only true travel and I’m a bit bummed I didn’t get to the beach like you did this summer. But saving up my pennies for September!

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