Blog Undergoing Overhaul?!

If you are a faithful follower, as you no doubt have noticed, I’ve not been a very regular blogger.  Life and professional duties have kinda gotten the best of me lately.  As you may know, in March 2011 I agreed to be President Elect of the SC Association of School Librarians (SCASL) which is a three year commitment (President Elect, President and Immediate Past President) that comes with a range of new responsibilities on top of those already incumbent upon me as the full-time librarian of a high school!   No excuses, it just meant that the blog took a back seat on my priority list.  I’m also not one who likes to toot her own horn so writing about what I was doing here on my personal blog seemed inappropriate if I wasn’t going to be doing so in the official SCASL spaces — and much of what I’ve been doing was devoted to SCASL and less was devoted to my school and students.  Which now that my leadership term is up I can remedy! But I digress.

If you are reading this from an RSS reader you may not know that the blog is undergoing an overhaul.  New theme, new header image (one of my own!) and I’m updating the sidebar widgets.  I’m also considering changing the title if I can come up with a catchy one – especially since this really hasn’t been much of a “Timely Tidbits” blog lately nor have I been sharing any “Tech Tips”.  [Suggestions for a new title are welcome – leave them in the comments or email them to me!]

So those of you who are still with me, thank you, and I hope those who have abandoned me will come back!


2 thoughts on “Blog Undergoing Overhaul?!

  1. How exciting! I know how lucky the organization is to have you and I know you will do a fabulous job! I always look forward to whatever wise tidbit you share!

  2. Thanks, Pat!

    I actually am thru with my term which is why I can now resume my normal life! I hope that means getting back to sharing here on the blog.

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