2015 SC Book Award Winners

Each year the highlight of conference is attending the Author Luncheon and learning who has received this year’s Book Award winning titles.  Of course this is after hearing the great acceptance speeches for last years recipients and the invited authors!  This year we had the pleasure of hearing Sara Pennypacker and Sharon Flake!!

Before getting to the announcement, it should be noted that this year 591 SC schools participated with 59,154 students voting!


  • Picture Book Award: 45,410 students
  • Children’s Book Award: 7,508 students
  • Junior Book Award: 5,056 students
  • Young Adult Book Award: 1,180 students

And the winners are (graphic curtesy of @KnightReaderSC):













I had the honor of being one of the 1st to tweet out the results:

screenshot tweet






You can imagine my “squee” moment when I got these responding tweets from  and :

Screen Shot tweet email








My life is complete! =)

Oh, BTW, Alice in Zombieland was the winning title at Wagener-Salley, too!  So for once, WSHS accurately predicted the winner!!


Again, someone shared a website (I’ve got to start keeping track!) and I’ve had some fun playing around with it!  This one is called Phrase.it and you can upload a picture from your device, import from Facebook or use one chosen at random from the Phrase.it service.  Once you have an image uploaded/chosen, you add a thought or speech bubble and then save or email it or share it.  That’s it.  No registration required.

Here are some I created:

Whatcha Reading








forgot library book

forgot library book









Whatcha Reading

Whatcha Reading








Book club

Currently Reading

I can’t remember which library magazine I got this from (sorry, I can’t give you credit!), but I so totally stole this idea.  I create a flyer using Canva to design and Pixabay for my image.  I personalized one for every teacher and staff member at my school (thankfully we have a relatively small staff) and printed them in color.  I then laminated them so that they could use dry erase markers to write what they are reading and wipe them off when they need to update their selections.  I put the finished flyers in their mailboxes and sent out the following email:

I’ve placed a currently reading flyer in everyone’s boxes (see sample attached). If I’ve missed anyone, please let me know and I’ll make you one!

What I hope is that you’ll display this in/outside your classrooms and write on it using dry erase marker (so you can change it out frequently) with what you are reading. This can be books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, …whatever! This is so students can see that teachers are reading, too, and hopefully start a dialog around what you are reading.

You can find dry erase markers in the attendance office – I recommend the “fat ones” which only require a Kleenex or paper towel to remove and not the vis-à-vis ones as those require water to wipe off!)

Thanks for your help in promoting literacy here at WSHS!


We will see who takes me up on the challenge and if it starts any dialogs!

Currently Reading Flyer

Currently Reading Flyer