Odds & Ends (12/08/08)

CNN.com:Fans bid farewell to Polaroid film” – “… Sixty years after Polaroid introduced its first instant camera, the company’s iconic film is disappearing from stores. … Although Polaroid says the film should be available into 2009, this is the final month of its last production year. …”  Bummer.  While I no longer have a Polaroid camera, I do have fond memories of Mom taking pictures with hers and me fanning the photo until it magically appeared.  I guess I’ll have to take a look at Poladroid.net and see if, while I can’t have the real thing, I can at least keep the memories going!  There’s also an online movement called SavePolaroid.com if you want to read and share your Polaroid stories.

Scifi.com:Video: Twilight: The Puppet Saga” – TOO FUNNY!  Watch a short, short, version of the book/movie using puppets.

Judy O’Connell over at HeyJude: Learning in an Online World shared a YouTube choose your own adventure story “The Time Machine: START HERE!”  How cool would it be for students to create their own stories and share them in this manner.  I could definitely see some of my students wanting to take on the challenge!

Newsweek.com:The Royal Tenenbaum: Will Obama move beyond brand names, and pick from the field?” – I’m not going to comment, just passing it along as I’m sure it will be of interest to some folks I know.

Flicker CC:cooper nose things” by mrpattersonsir

Odds & Ends (06/01/08)

BBC News: “Isolated tribe spotted in Brazil” – It is hard to imagine in this day and age that there are still parts of this world unexplored.

CNN.com: “How to harvest solar power? Beam it down from space” – I found this alternative energy source idea very appealing.

CNN.com: “Stonehenge was a place of burial, researchers say” – I so would love to visit this site. Maybe one of these days!?

New York Times: “Billboards That Look Back” – Creepy. I’m against this. Security cameras are one thing, but billboards that are “watching” me is going too far in my opinion.

New York Times: “The Miracle Fruit, a Tease for the Taste Buds” – I think this would be interesting to try…wonder if it would make “health” foods taste better? Maybe I’d be able to eat Brussels sprouts and other good for you foods I can’t stand. Of course, at $2 – $2.50 a berry, I don’t think it’s something I’ll be trying anytime soon.

MyRocketbook.com – I haven’t had a chance to explore completely and I’ve only looked at the free access stuff for the Scarlet Letter, but looks good! When I have time (ha, ha) I’ll see what it takes to register to access the rest of their offerings.