Baby Lewis

Just saw the new baby giraffe at Riverbanks Zoo on the news – TOO CUTE!  Hard to believe that at 10 days old he is nearly as tall as I am!  Next to cats (of all types), the giraffe is my favorite animal.  They are so weird looking, but cute and fascinating.

I love the fact that Riverbanks allows you to feed the giraffes – which lets you get up close with them.  When we took the biology classes there last year, the giraffes were the crowd favorites.

If you haven’t visited Riverbank’s website, I encourage you to do so.  They have a live webcam – today they are featuring the Koalas.  The last time I watched, they featured the penguins.  I wonder if they’ll feature the giraffes soon now that baby Lewis has arrived?!

WhooHoo! Another convert

Got another technology convert. (well sorta). At the end of April, our Biology II class took a field trip to the State Museum and I was along as a chaperone. Before the trip, I got to thinking about a recent tech workshop on Voicethread and an example of using Voicethread to have students reflect on their field trip. I broached the idea with the teacher and she said YES! She decided to use this for her assessment portion of the field trip/assignment!

I took along my trusty digital camcorder and a couple of the students who took cameras gave me copies of their photos. I uploaded the photos to my Voicethread account and created student identities for them to submit their comments (using icons cropped from the trip photos.) I’m sure there is another way this could have been done, but I was trying for quick and easy for the students. I also collect student release forms for permission to make the thread public.

All last week the students were to come in and record at least three comments – one had to be an audio, the rest could be either audio or text. There comments are supposed to be what they learned and/or researched after the trip. (Yes, some of them actually looked up further information on what they saw – mostly so their comments on the Voicethread would be more intelligent!). Anyway, here is the result. It is not completely finalized as the teacher hasn’t added her comments yet.