Odds & Ends (10/30/08)

Leading From the Heart:Lessons from a baby giraffe” – Tracy shares a video showing the birth of a baby giraffe.  Its amazing and inspiring.  Take a moment to read through the comments, too!  How could you use this in your classroom?

Sue WatersThe Edubloger – shared a post on Crappy Graphs in regards to creating graphs for blogs.  You can create line graphs and Venn diagrams.  Would be good to create graphs for lessons/teachers; however, since the finished graph is saved to the Crappy Graphs site and anyone can create a graph (with some interesting titles and content), you may not want to use it live with students.

LibraryStuff.net: shares this little gem: “Is it going to rain?”

TwitTip:10 Easy Steps for Twitter Beginners” – got this from one of my Twitter network folks (can’t remember who) and realize I’m not such a good twitterer.  I forget to open Twitter every day to post at least one tweet.  Just don’t feel people are interested in my day to day minutia.  It doesn’t help that some of my buddies are Plurkers and no longer use Twitter.  BTW: both my Twitter and Plurk IDs are HeatherLoy in case you want to follow me!  The only thing I can promise is that I wont bombard you with a bunch of tweet/plurks!

FORA.tv: Guy Kawasaki on the Power of Twitter” – and the power of social networks.