SCASL 2011 Reflections & News

2304781288_651314659e_oSo, it is finally here (well, almost over really)! SCASL Annual Conference started Wednesday afternoon with a few pre-conference sessions (of which I didn’t attend).  I spent most of the day being a gofer for those running the conference to help where needed.  :)

Thursday was a jam packed day.  I presented at two sessions – one for the new website redesign.  That was a project near and dear to my heart.  I’ve been pushing to have ALL of SCASL’s web presence streamlined into one site.  This is our start.  All of the information for our organization “should” be up on our website and we’ve integrated a forum for SCASL Members to share.  It is still a work in progress, but we’ve finished phase one!  Now working to add other aspects as per my vision of merging our Ning, Wiki, Flickr, blog, and other online web presence options into ONE space!

My second session was another opportunity to present with my other two Media Musketeers – Cathy Nelson and Fran Bullington!  We presented our There’s An App For That session that we’ve previously done at the Upstate Technology Conference and ETV Technology Workshops this past summer.  It was a very well attended session – standing room only (well, sitting, as they lined the wall!)  I hope everyone learned something new and/or at least enjoyed our session.

I was only able to attend one other session, Cathy Nelson’s Words 2.0h! As always, a great session.  Despite the wifi limitations (read – SLOWNESS) it was a very useful and informative session.  Lots of audience participation/questions/sharing.

And of course Thursday was the General Session with keynote David Loertscher who always has such relevant and thought provoking information to share.  We did have a slight hiccup with the A/V, but he rolled with the punches and I think the audience had some food for thought on what/how to keep ourselves relevant in today’s crazy and challenging times.

And this brings me to the big news.  For those of you who didn’t know, I was up for nomination to run for the office of 2011-12 President-Elect for SCASL.  SCARY!  The membership accepted my nomination, so (heaven help me) I will be President-Elect and in charge of planning the 2012 SCASL Conference which will be in Greenville, SC next year.  Following the business meeting where the elections were confirmed, we had the Awards Luncheon and I had the honor of sitting at the head table.  Still not sure if it was because I’m on the board as the IT Committee Chair or if it was because of being elected prez-elect!  Regardless, had a wonderful chat with Frankie O’Neal, Fran Bullington, and Martha Alewine.

Then of course there was the really fun time – dinner with friends (old and new) at Longhorns this year.  We had a group of 7: Cathyjo, Fran, Steven Reed, Keven Merritt, Tamara Cox, and Carla Nash.

More to come for reflections from today after the Book Award Luncheon!