Those Were The Days: A Meme

Cathy Nelson over at the TechnoTuesday blog tagged me for a meme started by Shannon Wham over at the Books, Bytes, & Grocery Store Feet as a reflection on what things we used to do that you can’t do any more.  So here’s my list:

1. “Myrtle Beach Days – have some fun in the waves” (by the Fantastic Shakers) –  Just about every summer when I was little, our extended families would rent a house at Myrtle Beach for a week.  This was the back in the 70’s and 80’s.  Of course, childhood colors my recollection, but I don’t remember lots of crowds or commercialism that you find there now.  I do know that the place wasn’t near as built up as as it is now.  I remember all day on the beach, crab boils, sleeping on the screened in porch, and lots of laughter.  The one thing that hit me this past November was the absence of The Myrtle Beach Pavilion.  This is a photo my Mom took of the empty Pavilion lot.  One of the joys of the beach was walking along Ocean Blvd and seeing all the lights and ending up at the Pavilion.   Today, the Pavilion is gone, and that section of the strip is bare – it hurt my heart to see it that way.  I also don’t like that there aren’t as many miniature golf/putt-putt courses or water slides – there used to be one or the other practically on every corner.  Now you have outlet malls, shopping centers, and development everywhere instead.  It seems to me no one visits to go to the actual beach anymore, but to shop or stay indoors.

2. Simpler play –  When I was growing up, there were only four TV stations (ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS) – cable was expensive and so were Betamax machines (for those of you youngins out there that was the precursor to VHS tapes).  My cousins, neighborhood friends, and I would play OUTSIDE all day – unless it rained.  We would roam the neighborhood, be in and out of each others houses – no locked doors – and spending hours in the “play house” that my uncle built.  These days, kids hardly ever play outside.  I also think we got to stay innocent a lot longer than the kids today.

3. Movie Projectors – Shannon brought up that he missed drive-in movies – which I have never been privileged to visit, but I may have to go to “The Big Mo” one of these days.  However, I miss seeing our old home movies on the reel-to-reel movie projector Mom had – I loved the production of how long it took to set up the projector and screen.  I loved the sound the film made moving through the machine and that it felt like we had our own little movie theater in our living room with me, uhhmm, I mean my family as the stars.  Watching the tapes or DVDs just doesn’t feel the same.

4. No seat belts – Shannon mentioned riding in the back window of cars.  While I don’t remember ever doing this – my Mom had/has a ’75 Camaro that didn’t really have a space between the ledge and window – I do remember riding around in the back of vans, cars, and station wagons w/out seat belts.  I vividly remember riding from South Carolina to Tennessee in the back of a van on a beach lounge chair!  In fact, that same chair was my bed at one time when we got to my relatives in Tennessee and there was a shortage of beds.  When we went on trips in my aunt’s Impala (I think that’s what it was), when we got tired, we’d typically sit on the floor with our heads on the seat.  My aunt later had a station wagon and us girls would lay in the back cargo area on the drive home, even if no one was sitting in the back seat.  No one ever gave any thought to our not wearing seat belts, since it wasn’t a law back then.

Okay, that’s all I can think of at the moment.  Sorry, no illegal deeds in my past – I was always the good girl – spoiled rotten, but scared to do anything bad.  I’ve always been a people pleaser.

So, you know how I feel about tagging folks, but I am interested to see what Pat “loonyhiker” Hensley would choose, so Pat, “tag, your it!”  If anyone else wants to continue the meme, feel free!

2 thoughts on “Those Were The Days: A Meme

  1. Oh gosh, I didn’t do the antispam word and my eloquent comment is now lost in cyberspace !!

    I echo a lot of your comments, Heather, including the no-selt-belts thing … playing outside all the time, including in the street (we lived on a cul-de-sac till I was eight).

    My mom used to tell the story of how I clung to my dad “like a monkey,” while he was driving from Cincinnati to Florida … I was about 18 months old.

    Also, (I’m a bit older than you), I vividly remember NO CABLE, and having a grand total of 4 channels: the 3 major networks and one lone UHF channel with wacky programming.

    And how many people remember changing the channels with a pair of pliers when the channel-changer-knob came off ?? Now THAT is low tech !

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane, I sure enjoyed it!

  2. MARCIA! Glad you made it over to the blog. I do remember turning channels w/ pliers. My 1st TV was a black and white model and the knob did keep falling off. My second TV was a hand me down console model whose color eventually faded to sorta a green/gray – not quite black and white OR if you moved the adjuster on the back of the TV your other choice was shades of red/pink. Needless to say, gray/green was where it stayed!

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